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XOJO on the M2G Desktop

With the release of the My2ndGeneration Desktop version the XOJO architecture now runs on the Desktop as well as the My2ndGeneration Cloud. Also, Views are now supported in addition to tables when creation your myBackSpace architecture for XOJO.

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Desktop Released

The My2ndGeneration Desktop version can now be fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. You can even embed templates into Visual Studio. My2ndGeneration is the future of code generation within Visual Studio. Enhance the Visual Studio Experience If you plan

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Feel the Power

Whoa !! I just embedded my first My2ndGeneration Template into Microsoft Visual Studio. Some guy wrote this killer template and published it for anyone to use. So, I pulled it down from the My2ndGeneration Cloud and now my project is

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Visual Studio Integration Update

Things are moving along quite nicely. Something our users will greatly appreciate is that in the process of developing our full Visual Studio support we have created what are essentially project files (recalls the settings of each template you execute

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M2G’s Revolutionary Approach

The next release of the My2ndGeneration Desktop about is about to change the concept of Templating within Visual Studio forever. And from here, the sky’s the limit. We are talking to some of the online IDE developers about building this

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M2G Desktop

The first thing you will probably notice is the new start page. This page will be updated quite regular to share tips and tricks and news regarding the My2ndGeneration Cloud and Desktop versions. Additional SQL Types Mapped Also, these types

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