XOJO, myBackSpace, and M2G

xojoThis blog post embodies the very reason why we created My2ndGeneration, and that is “Collaboration”.

One of our My2ndGeneration users, “Daniel Pigford”, has created a very powerful template that fills a real need. Daniel’s template will reverse engineer your SQLite database into XOJO classes which can read and write to the SQLite database in a very high level. It’s fantastic, fast, free, and very easy to use.  If you are a XOJO user this is the way you want to work with your data and you can generated it in seconds.

We here at My2ndGeneration feel a certain connection to XOJO because it is the same product that we use to create our multi-platform “Metadata Upload Client” for the My2ndGeneration cloud. The XOJO site states over 250,000 users world wide, that’s some audience.

We worked closely behind the scenes to support Daniel including adding the XOJO to SQLite database mappings. We also wrote our very own XOJO syntax highlighter mode for our template editor. We will be adding the database mappings for rest of our supported databases for XOJO as well.

We encourage your to check out the myBackSpace.com website, There are step by step instructions for the entire process which is quite simple. From the screen shots is looks as though Daniel is working on the Mac, very cool.

From www.myBackSpace.com

Generate XOJO/SQLite source code for your XOJO project following these steps.

  1. Create a FREE My2ndGeneration account.  Show me.
  2. Database schema upload to My2ndGeneration Cloud.  Show me.
  3. Transform database schema to XOJO source code.  Show me.
  4. Download XOJO source code, add to XOJO.  Show me.
  5. When the database schema changes; repeat the process.

Fun, fast, easy development.

There is even a cool Video showing how it’s done as well …


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